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“You need a shape for your fear that’s why you’re here”


I’ve spent my days taking snapshots of the yard for no reason in particular. Actually, taking them calms me down. My level of anxiety has been really high and now that I’m taking medicine that make me drowsy – I have a cold, nothing fatal – it’s been hard to control my emotions mostly because I’m trying to control not falling asleep.

The other night I started writing down my notes on the “Squares” project that’ll I work with JD. He’s had surgery the other day, so this gives me enough time to come up with character bios and backgrounds. Nothing too complex, just enough notes to understand why they are the way they are.  I hope to have enough detail about them so I can pass it along to JD next week and we can get started on the story and plots of each “chapter.”

Originally looking at twelve chapters, I’ve decided to cut three out and only hold nine. It’s going to be rather difficult telling a story in only nine chapters, but if I make the subplot for each around 40 pages, then I should have no problem. Problem is, I’ve never written a script for a graphic novel, so I’m on edge. It should be a fun venture, though.

I’m scrapping the names for better ones – though the prototype stage that I’m one will keep on the originals. If this flies straight, I just might to pick up the other failed project – “Sex, With Strangers” – again and fiddle with that. I think it would make an interesting story to tell. But patience, I’ll think about that later. After we’re finished with “Squares.”

I woke up early this morning, having fallen into a drug induced sleep. I quickly decided to go back to bed. About 9:30AM I woke up again after having a horrible dream.

I was apparently having a fight with Jyg and I couldn’t make sense of why. I was on edge, wishing to talk to her but she wasn’t calling or accepting my calls. That’s when my ex came to my house after having a fight with her significant other. I made all attempts to repel her from my room, but she stayed around, beginning to act like we were in a relationship again. My stomach started to knot. I left my room to talk to someone and upon returning, found her lying naked on my bed – beneath the sheets, mind you. I only gathered she was naked from the context clues – her clothes were on the floor.

After I told her she shouldn’t be doing this, she got a phone call from her significant other and they reconciled. She left – clothed, of course. And I sat on the bed and stared at the floor. I texted Jyg later, telling her I missed her. That’s pretty much when I woke up.

Like I said in my Tweet – Horrible bad dream is horrible.