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Zombie Post

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About a week or so ago, some douche bag decided to announce how zombies do not exist, how they’ll never exist and how those of us who talk about the zombie apocalypse aren’t cool. Well, I’m sorry buddy but we all don’t listen to crappy music to pass our time (this guy was a Blink 182 and as we all know, Blink 182 sucks). Truth is, I expect zombies to exist before Blink 182 actually sounds good.

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse is just a pastime. I don’t know anyone who actually thinks that the dead will walk again only to hunt down love ones and eat their brains. If I were dead and brought back to life, I’d wouldn’t waste my time devouring people, or riding buses complaining how I’m bored. Anyway, our “lameness” is no different from compiling our suicide playlist. It’s not that we’re actually planning our suicides, it’s just a way to showcase how awesome we are when it comes our taste in music (note: Blink 182 never shows up on any worthwhile suicide playlist for a reason).

I started writing a zombie short story. It was meant to be a post apocalyptic story that somehow managed to allow the undead into it. I suppose it stemmed from a dream that I had several nights ago in which Izzy and I were traveling down an open road searching for a lost Jyg. The world was a wasteland. Burning bodies and automobiles littered the roads. There were others that we met, but no one that I knew personally in the real world. I have the habit of dreaming about zombies a lot. A few years ago, I had one in which Jyg, Ruben, a few others and I holed up in an abandoned theater. And in another which Monica and I took over our high school alma mater – this actually stemmed from a conversation we had that night. During a study group, I day dreamed of what it would be like if the zombie apocalypse happened during philosophy class – it would only make sense, wouldn’t it? And then once at the stadium – which I also jotted down for a future reference.

And while I’ve been a fan of zombies since I can remember, I’m sorta irked by the sudden popularity. With the series The Walking Dead premiering on Halloween and the boom in the box offices, zombies are appearing just about everywhere – including novels. My only fear is that some Mormon would-be, hack of a writer will get her grubby hands on the subject and fag-it up by making them sparkle or something like she did with Vampires (though vampires have always been on homoerotic side, and for good reason).  And by writing my short story(ies), I fear like I’m just jumping on the wagon – which I’m not, by the way.

Anyway, I’ve focused too much time typing this post than the story I’m talking about. Until next time…