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“Avoid the eye of contact”

One of those days

It’s funny how Melissa Auf Der Maur‘s voice reminds me of those from Veruca Salt. I’m lying in bed, figuring out what I’m writing about tonight, or if I’m writing about anything in particular. I’m fighting some internal battle with myself and I’m thinking this is one I might not win. To let the crippling depression eat me alive or to brace myself against the tide. Either way, I don’t foresee me standing in the end. I just realized that following Auf Der Maur’s “Skin Receiver” is Hole’s “Miss World” – what a playlist I’ve complied by chance.

I started writing a short story – well, at least I plan on it being a short story – a week or so ago. I was calling it Heaven, but I’m thinking that the title to a post Chapin City’s Blues’ past is more appropriate – Even when you were, you weren’t. I won’t disclose what it’s about, but you’re all smart to do the work yourselves.

I don’t know what to write. Maybe it’s best if I didn’t start this. Too late now. I picked up Tess Gerritsen‘s Ice Cold last night. Fuck it, I’m just going to post my playlist.

  1. Skin Receiver – Auf der Maur
  2. Miss World – Hole
  3. A Walk Outside – Butterfly Boucher
  4. Does He Love You? – Rilo Kiley
  5. Head Unbound – Auf der Maur
  6. M’aidez (Acoustic) – Sneaker Pimps
  7. Turn Back Time – Aqua
  8. Ride Into the Sun – The Velvet Underground
  9. Blind Love – Tom Waits
  10. Fire (Sunrise Version) – The Prodigy
  11. Tomorrow – Silverchair
  12. Crazy Mary – Pearl Jam
  13. Death – White Lies
  14. A Little Rain – Tom Waits
  15. Shoot the Moon – Norah Jones
  16. Enjoy the Silence – Lacuna Coil

I’m gonna bury myself in my bed, beneath my blankets and pillows. Maybe tomorrow the sun will be shining over me. Today, it seems to have forgotten I exist.

I’ll let you maul this over:


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