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In this week’s spam, I found a Rose Maucalay quote made by someone known as Beachbody Coach and a rather insulting spam comment attempting to lure me in to their the SEO program to raise my Google ranking. Because people really should know about me.


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To the Woman Who Had Three Sons


The Three Brothers & Their Mother

Three brothers, different, yet, the same, were born from a woman of strength and courage. The older one, who dreams with eyes opened. The middle one, who lived in the moment. And the youngest, the frailest of the three, who shut himself out of a world he didn’t understand – a world he wanted no part in. Three brothers. Three Billy Goats Gruff. A troll beneath the bridge.


The older one figured out the activity. The youngest figured out the mechanics. The middle brother acted it.

Each with their own talents. Each with their own despair. Each with their addictions and fears. Each with their own worries. Each with their own strategies. Three brothers, each with their own personalities and their own cheers. Their own dreams and dreadful schemes.

Two were social brothers, the life and hosts of parties through and through. Rosy cheeked. Glasses raised high and the mouths appraising invisible gods. The third, locked shut, windows closed to block out the every burning light.

Three brothers standing, shrining their mother. Three brothers standing apart from each other. Three brothers whose words don’t echo through the chambers, upon the stage. Three brothers worried and selfish. Three brothers feeling, feeling and feeling no end.

Two pray for happiness at the end; the third feels hollow, hallow and hatred. The divine the profane and the sacred. Three entities within each of them.

To the woman who had these sons, who bore these children into the world. May you live eternally. May you shine and reign upon them.