And Then There Was A New Toy


Your opinion is irrelevant.

Someone on the Internet doesn’t like me. This wouldn’t be the first time someone on the Internet doesn’t like me. I’m not the most likable person on this planet, but I always thought my charisma bought me some points. The rest of my “charm” is on charisma credit, which I’ll have to pay at the end of the month, every month. Thing is, I never thought of myself important enough to have my very own troll.

Over at Twitter – and a number of other places, while we’re on the subject – I use the “handle” EnnuiPrayer. This past Saturday, I received a handful of tweets from someone called BoredomAppeal that were mildly spiteful, but not interesting enough for me to actually pay any attention. It wasn’t until I visited this person’s page that I realized that I had my very own troll, raising my status from a blip on the radar to whatever’s higher than a blip on the radar. This person not only chose a similar “handle” as me, but a pseudonym, as well. Because I’m not inclined to ever mention my full name on any blog/social network site, I used my Blogger moniker, Observant Reader. BoredomAppeal’s moniker? Watchful Bibliophile.

Rather than playing into the game of cat and mouse – wit and dumbass – I opted to take the higher road by simply blocking the annoyance. I’ve also reverted my Twitter account into private mode, which I despise as I usually like it when strangers read my tweets (which they don’t) and like it when people retweet them (which is rare, but it happens). It’ll only be temporary until the troll tires and runs off to play with someone else.

Of course, if said troll knows about my Twitter, chances are, he knows about this blog, the Tumblr and the book blog. Not that it matters. I usually don’t read my book blog comments, Tumblr comments are only open to users – who are easily blocked – and this one needs approval before posting. In short, it’s no bother. However, I gotta admit, paranoia aside, I do find it flattering someone actually hates me enough to troll me. This only proves I’m doing something right.