Chapin City Blues

Writing is writing whether done for duty, profit, or fun.

Where Angels Fear to Tread

 So much blood from such a tiny little hole

Could be something is messing from inside me. Could be that all these years of anti-religion, I’ve forgotten how the game was played. Could be that someone in this whole shit-faced world is in the wrong. Could be that, for the first time, it might not be me.

Problems Have Solutions

Imagine, if you will, a man comes home. He has one too many. He stumbles into a neighbor gathering and starts a ruckus. He is upsetting the people around him. A neighbor, a friend of his, escorts him to his house. Upon doing so, our hero takes a gun and fires one shot into the back of his escort’s head. He then takes a woman, holds her against her will, threatening to kill her.

When police arrive and knock on his door, our hero is distracted. The woman takes the opportunity an flees for her life. Our hero is arrested.

He Couldn’t Believe How Easy It Was

Our hero’s name is Carlos Ochoa and unlike the other characters featured in this blog, he is very much a real person. Flesh and blood. He’s also a man I went to high school with. He is also the son of the former mayor.

In the courtroom, his father is solemn. Photos of his son spill onto the internet websites. Former classmates are updated. This is not the Carlos Ochoa I remember. It’s not the one any of us remember. We remember the fun-loving, silly guy whose jokes borderlined on the homoerotic. We remember the stunning smile. The cute, baby-faced individual. The one the girls pined over. The guy with the winning personality. The one we would never suspect of such a violent crime.

His story is spilled on the news. His Facebook page is filled with messages from friends and family right before it is removed.

And that’s where I come in. Before it was closed, I read the comments. And while, yes, I understand where these people are coming from – we all remember the aforementioned Carlos Ochoa – I cannot fathom what these people had to say.

Spilling Out of My Head

I have half the mind to post his a screen capture of his brother’s page with similar sayings. I have it on my desktop as I type this. It’s taunting me. However, I’m not a vicious as a journalist. Instead, I’ll just paraphrase the gist of each wall post: “Your brother is in our prayers.”

Yes, while I do know that prison – especially those located in Texas – aren’t the best “rehabilitation” system in all the world, can we really forget that this guy did, in fact, kill someone who was only trying to help him and then keep a woman imprisoned? And rather than condolences – which are more appropriate for such a situation, I think – what the public delivers are prayers for him?

Prayers for what? For his well being? For his soul? For his verdict? What exactly do these people want? For a killer to go free, unpunished? Well, we knew him so he shouldn’t be punished. What about the countless people who kill and are put away? Are they just faceless monsters that are easily disposed of? I’m not saying that Carlos is a person who will do it again. I’m sure the killing is something that was in the heat of the moment. But does that excuse him from being punished?

Thoughts and prayers for his family are one thing. I’m sure that having a family member – a brother and a son – facing murder charges is difficult. And while prayers do little in reality, they do offer comfort and that’s what the Ochoa family needs right now – comfort. But keeping him in their prayers? Come on. What’s in that? Comfort for the killer?

A Lifetime of Fucking Things Up Fixed in One Determined Flash

I do apologize for even feeling the need to write this post. I’ll probably remove it in the morning. Or not.

I hope that the Ochoa family is pulling through tonight. Former-mayor Ochoa is a great man, despite his son’s deed. He built the city as we know it. He’s a man who gets things done. And I cannot begin to imagine what this is doing to his public image and his mentality.

I hope the families of the victims are pulling through, as well. I hope that their loved ones are comforted by the fact that justice system will not fail them. And I hope none of them feel the anger that brews within.


The starting quote and the section titles are taken from “The Downward Spiral” by Nine Inch Nails.

3 thoughts on ““Welcome to My Soul, It’s Withered and Old”

  1. Justice, forgiveness, compassion…difficult bunch. Can terrible deeds be forgiven, ever, and truly? I used to be offended by the idea that there can be forgiveness…or reprentance really, and the latter should make a difference. I am no longer offended. Maybe I can not forgive certain things, at least now, but the idea that there is room for that is quite amazing really. It’s so easy to love and support and understand those who are lovable and thus invite it, along with support and understanding. Not so easy when people are at their worst, and sometimes that worst is really out there. I understand the prayers for the man who did terrible things…the trust I guess that he is a better man than his deeds. It’s a gift of compassion, not forgiveness…and perhaps only intended for the family, but he receives it as well.

    1. gllrmo says:

      I’ve been keeping an eye open. For the most part now, his brother’s page is filled with prayers and best wishes for his family. No mention of him. But like I said, the Carlos Ochoa I remember – the one that I knew – would have never done such an awful thing. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. He was fun and goofy, serious when he needed it. Still, keeping him in one’s prayers for something swift and non-life threatening is one thing. However, usually when someone keeps you in their prayers here, they hope that you get off. Some technicality. No one every wishes someone the best and hope they go to prison. Perhaps probation. Perhaps community service. Perhaps…You get the point.

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