“I’m getting by in other ways”

i tried to stay away
you know
just in case
i’ve come to realize
we all have our place
time has a way you know
to make it clear
i have my role in this
i can’t disappear
or leave you here
watching you drown
i’ll follow you down
and i am here right beside you
the lights in the sky
are waving goodbye
i am staying right beside you

I made the best with what I was given, and I think the day went well overall. I didn’t get what I wanted from who I wanted it from, but I’m beginning to understand things now. How like her, even in this situation, I’m beginning to think like a person. I get it. I’ll move on now, so wish me luck on this path.

I wanted to hang out with Shaun in a house that doesn’t depress me. Those walls weren’t ever my home. Even when I lived there, I was just a house guest.

But enough of that. Enough of the “Debbie Downer” bullshit. I’ve been thinking of “Damaged Little Fuckers,” and a couple of other stories that I could revise. For the meanwhile, though, I think I’m going to take another crack at poetry.

I’ll post a spin-off of “Damaged Little Fuckers” tomorrow. Maybe. I think I’m done with this reality schtick.