“I wear the scars to show my shame”

I can’t see past this chance
For us to reconcile these doubts!
They’ve gone on for far too long…

Exhibit A: So that happened
Exhibit A: So that happened

It’s not a secret: I’m an incredibly paranoid person. It’s partially the reason I don’t smoke cannabis. Though, if you knew me personally, you wouldn’t blame me for believing someone was after me. I have the tendency of inserting my foot in my mouth much in the same way Latino Republicans fellate whitey on a day to day basis white people eat Taco Bell well, you see where I’m going with this.

And you’re probably thinking I’m exaggerating, but I’m not. Every time I step out of the room, I have a feeling a ninja or random killer will spring on me at the turn of a corner.

Level headed, I assume it’s a friend who forgot the URL. I dropped the hint, she responded that was strange. Okay, not her. Hmm. Someone who knows my name and the URL name, but not the actual URL. Notice it says “City of Chapin,” not “Chapin City Blues.” So…yeah. I don’t know. I’m over thinking this, right?