“Goodbye, Jenny Kelly”

Exhibit A: "I'm still having doubts."
Exhibit A: “I’m still having doubts.”

I haven’t felt like updating. I still don’t feel like updating.I’m not sure when I’ll start feeling it again. If I ever will. I’m off topic again.

I never answer the question, but that’s for my peace of mind. I’m just not good at this, you know? I’m talking to you, but I’m not sure if you’re reading this. If you read any of these posts and subliminal messages to you. The old you, not the older you. The you that acted as the strength for the we. I didn’t answer your question because I’m at the cusp. Circling the brim, looking into the abyss. Because as much as I’m finished with myself. I’m not done with any of it.

No, I’m not okay. But I’m doing my best at being so.