This Post is Not Edited

This post is not edited. There is no spell check on the Android app. No linking capabilities that doesn’t involve code. No cliché removal option. No grammar check to point out the passive sentences. No feature image that links to Ashton Cutright’s Etsy page.

We were supposed to have a department meeting today. It did not happen. The plan was while we were talking about ourselves and how we are doing, I was going to let it slip that Jeanna and I are no longer an item. When asked for how long, I had planned on stating that the first person I confided in was Lee and  leave it at that. None of this happened.

I started writing again. Mostly thoughts that I hope will transform into a lyrical essay some time in the future. Something I hope to read when Amado decides to make me feature writer (we discussed this, I asked for October). My plan is to read “Storm” by Tim Minchin first and move into my stuff. Or start with something of mine first that can segue into the 9-minute beat poem. I know it will offend people, but at this point of time, they need to be offended.