There Should be a Title Here

I’m stuck.

My best frenemy forever, Eddie, issued out a challenge—well, a commanding obligation—that I partake in NaNoWriMo with him. I tried this once in the past, but my writing habits wouldn’t get me 50k words in a year, let alone a month. I couldn’t remember my account information and the e-mail I used was Yahoo, so that’s gone. I started a new account which you can find here.

"I breathed enough to learn the trick" –Emily Dickinson
“I breathed enough to learn the trick” –Emily Dickinson

I’ve burned through nearly 200 pages of Shannon Messenger’s debut novel, Keeper of the Lost Cities. Not sure if it’s that good, or that easy. A little of both? Possibly. It’s Harry Potter, pretty much, except replace Harry with a girl and wizards with elves. It’s probably not going to make it into my suggestion pile for the book discussion, but it’s something you all should definitely check out. It might be your cup of tea, even though it’s not mine.

Last night (being Sunday), something happened (and I do not regret it, but I will not discuss it with you here) that left me elated. So much so, I couldn’t sleep all night. And while it’s not what I truly want, it’s put some pieces back together again. However, life (being life) didn’t want me to remain with my dopamine and serotonin fix, so it placed a nice bear trap next to the bone it threw at me. With the awesomeness of last night, some news reached me that has opened a new can of worms because now I’m feeling like a bad guy. And it fucking sucks, because I’m not used to being the bad guy (anymore). Notes for another time, I suppose.

I started writing a love story last night. And I started writing a children’s story. And I’ve written a lot and left a lot unfinished. I don’t know why Eddie thinks I can focus on just one project in November. I know I’m not being forced, but I can’t help but to wonder if I have it in me to follow through. Maybe not 50K, but I’ll be proud it I make it to 10K. Maybe I’ll talk my coworker into it. If anyone needs to focus on his writing, it’s him. I don’t expect something great—it’s the first draft, after all. I’ll bring it up tomorrow.