Chapin City Blues

Writing is writing whether done for duty, profit, or fun.

Bright New Future

September 26, 2014

What a tumultuous month September became. Nothing prepared me for the trials and errors this month offered. The month offered stressful work environment, a complicated romantic entanglement, and a promising engagement. It sucker punched me with the return of someone I thought I loved. Kicked me in the balls with UTPA overlooking me for a job. It stole time away from me during my visits with Shaun. It stabbed my gullet as my ability to write diminished. Hearts broke and promises were made. Still, September taught me a valuable lesson. Despite all the messes I find myself in, I’m still capable of pulling myself from the ground and dusting off my jeans. From the depressing rejections and hopes crashed, I am able to build something I’m excited about. Something I plan on working with others and hoping to breathe life into it. So here’s to the future, bro-migos.

Take it away, Taylor Swift: