An Apology

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

It seems that with every year I catch myself looking back on the person I used to be. Reading posts from a decade ago sends a chill down my spine. Was I really that naive at 27 to think I could use derogatory terminology and think it was o.k.? Considering that I’m not that person anymore, should I remove those posts? Hide them away in some secret dark, for-my-eyes-only corner of the blog? What does the erasure of my old writing do for my present self? Does it make me feel justified in my change? Or does it make who I am a lie? Because I’ve grown since then, and continue to grow still. Who I am now may not be who I will be in another decade. There are still some beliefs that I carry that some may deem old fashion. And others that may be deemed too radical.

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