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The Craft: Legacy

Movie Details:

Title: The Craft: Legacy
Director: Zoe Lister-Jones
Writer(s): Zoe Lister-Jones, Peter Filardi (based on characters created by)
Starring: Cailee Spaeny, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone, Zoey Luna, Michelle Monaghan, and David Duchovny
Production: Columbia Pictures, Blumhouse Productions, & Red Wagon Entertainment
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Releasing
Release date: 28 October 2020
Run time: 90 mins
Rated: PG-13
Rating: 3 stars

Product Description:

In Blumhouse’s continuation of the cult hit The Craft, an eclectic foursome of aspiring teenage witches get more than they bargained for as they lean into their newfound powers. (via: Amazon)

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The Midnight Disease

Photo by Min An from Pexels

The problem, if anything, was precisely the opposite. I had too much to write…

Michael Chabon, Wonder Boys

Have you ever gone back to read something you wrote in the past? Something at least decade ago, when the world felt like it had more promise. This is something I do whenever I’m stuck, which these days feels like a constant for me. Blame it on the distraction, or blame it on my inability to focus on any one thing without my mind bouncing around walls of my cerebrum.

As a writer – and I use this phrase rather loosely these days – I’m not allowed to believe in writer’s block. They pretty much beat it out of you in college creative writing courses. And any other writer that I know tells me the same thing. I haven’t written a short story in some time. The last thing I wrote – aside from blog posts – was a revision of the gravediggers story, something I’ve been toying around since the Bush administration.

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“Sigh, but not aloud; make no mourning for the dead.”

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

On election day, I promised myself a social media blackout to reset the moment a projected winner was called. It has almost been a week since all major media outlets – this includes Fox News – announced Joe Biden and Kamala Harris the projected winners of the 2020 election; it almost feels like a lifetime ago that we were celebrating on Twitter, on the streets, on our blogs. But I’m still on social media, following election news.

Usually when a projected winner is announced, a concession speech is given by the losing party. It’s been tradition for some time now, I believe. However, we have never had a Trump presidency.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Donald J. Trump has been building a case for election fraud months before he lost. He stated falsehoods about mail-in ballots in order to better discredit them in the eyes of his following. No matter how many times his tweets were debunked, this base – like any true cult – ate it up. They took to their social media and began spreading his bullshit as fact. It got so bad that even Facebook took action against Trumpian groups, shutting a few down in the process.

Now that the election has come and gone with Trump trailing behind President-elect Joe Biden, the full force of these lies have come into play. Lawsuits were filed and tossed out in swing states that Trump didn’t win, and had no chance in winning. The phrases “legal” and “illegal” votes were introduced and now parroted by his base. Fox News has even interrupted a speech given by Kayleigh McEnany for pushing this falsehood. MSNBC stopped thirty seconds into Trump’s speech, not being able to continue the livestream in good conscience.

Clearly, I was naïve last week. There was no way that the 74-year-old toddler president would concede with dignity. And shame of on the Republican senators that allowed this disruption of our democratic process to go on for so long.

As I was writing this post, my aunt informed me that President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris have won Arizona, given them 290 electoral votes against Trump’s 217. This just adds to the collapse of Trump administration, as it is coupled with multiple Republican senators stating that Joe Biden should be receiving security briefings. Among these senators is Lindsey Graham. Karl Rove has noted that nothing Trump does will overturn the election results, while Geraldo Rivera released a statement that it’s time to concede with dignity.

But the best part of this news cycle is General Mark Milley’s, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, statement: “We are unique among militaries. We do not take an oath to a king or a queen, a tyrant or a dictator. We do not take an oath to an individual. No, we do not take an oath to a country, a tribe or religion. We take an oath to the Constitution. And every soldier that is represented in this museum, every sailor, airman, Marine, Coast Guardsman, each of us will protect and defend that document, regardless of personal price.”


Tweet loudly; throw a temper tantrum for an election lost

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

I stayed up late, not sure when I finally knocked out. The TV remained on throughout the night, a habit I picked up whenever there’s a major storm – natural or political. The volume remained just above a whisper, allowing me to perk up whenever an important update is made. An anxiety boiled in my stomach, almost reminiscent of the 2016 election. The feeling ate at me, no matter how much I tried to deny it. (I’ve written this before, haven’t I?)

Sitting at work, I had my computer open to MSNBC, Twitter, and FiveThirtyEight. My coworker approached me, asking if everything was all right.

“I’m worried, you know?”

She nodded, though misunderstood the source of my anxiety. Covid-19 has run our lives these last several months, and now the library was on the brink of reopening our department, spiking our risk of exposure.

“No, not that. Well that too, but this. All of this,” I responded.

After all, it was Tuesday, November 3, 2020. “I’m not going to get any sleep,” I admitted. “Going to need loads of coffee tomorrow. This whole week, maybe.”

“He’s going to win,” she said. “I can feel it.”

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