Writing Poetry Is Hard

The ideas came from nowhere or, at least, that is how it seemed at the time. I could sit in my bedroom, mulling about or watching TV or reading a book or doing homework or whatever and this string of words would just come to me so I’d scramble to get a sheet of paper and a pen and write them down before they floated away. Before that – before my twenties – I forced myself to write. Every day. A new poem/song that my imaginary band in high school would play one day (did I ever mention that story?), so maybe that’s where the talent stems from. Re-reading old poems I wrote as a teenager (yes, I still have those beat up composition journals tucked away in my closet), they followed the same rhyme schemes taught in classrooms. I wasn’t writing sonnets, but ABAB CDCD and so on type schemes.

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Bath Haus by P. J. Vernon


Rating: 5 out of 5.

What Is It About?

When do you call time of death on a marriage?

Oliver Park is a young recovering drug addict. His older husband, Nathan, is a prominent trauma surgeon. And yet somehow they have managed to create a perfect illusion of marriage. And illusion that’s beginning to crack when Nathan suspects Oliver of cheating. 

Oliver knows that Nathan’s ever watchful eye is always following him. He knows that he shouldn’t be going to places like Haus. He knows he shouldn’t be going into a private room with a strange man. But things go wrong quickly in Haus, and Oliver barely makes it out with his life. 

Faced with bruises on his neck and a stalker on his tail, Oliver watches as the secrets begin to pile between him and Nathan. And as he struggles to keep it together, a ghost from his past enters his life. Just who can he trust and how long can he go weaving his lies? 

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