Chapin City Blues

Writing is writing whether done for duty, profit, or fun.

I mentioned—ad nauseam, I’m sure—my return to reading/collecting comic books. This is after a fourteen-year hiatus. This is after meeting girls and learning how to talk to them. This is after sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Comic book reading is, after all, my first love. My first plunge into literary works. Literary works, …

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Last Wednesday, Monica and I ventured out into the world of books and Chinese food. First stop is always Barnes and Noble, though this week we veered off course for breakfast tacos. Wiping out hands clean of any taco film, we hopped around the store searching for books we didn’t need but wanted anyway. I …

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Nerdgasms & Other Misadventures of a Library Worker

February 20, 2014

Returning to my nerdom, I went comic book/manga shopping today after work. I had Shaun for an extended period of time today, so why not take him out? We stopped at Barnes & Noble before heading over to Myth Adventures (for the comic books). Shaun stayed in the car with his grandmother. Because it’s not the wisest idea to take an almost-two-year-old into a place with collectables.

Now I only intended to buy Btooom! at Barnes & Noble.  As I strolled through the dwindling manga section, I noticed Judge vol. 3 was out, too. I put both in my bag and dragged Shaun to the check out counter and paid before I got the notion that I’m made of money.


At Myth Adventures, I strolled up to the 2-week-old shelf to seek out Batman: Joker’s Daughter. The new 52 one-shot issue got by me, somehow. I learned about it in a review via Flipboard. I didn’t find it. Exasperated, I walked to the new comic book table and snagged my copy of Harley Quinn #3. Right across from it, sat Dexter Down Under issue one.

After last year’s abysmal series finale, I picked it up in hopes it might act as an act of contrition. At the counter, I asked if they had Joker’s Daughter in stock. They did. And somehow the book eluded me because the man took little to no time finding it on the 2-week-old shelf.

Nerd Booty

In non-related news: I caught wind that there is paperwork floating around that will bump me up to a full-time position. In the wake of my co-worker’s departure, they promoted me to his position. That kicked in this Monday, the day after his last.

Now, I won’t find until next fiscal year (this October) if the full-time position kicks in. This also means that I should get that pesky driver’s license that I’ve been putting off for the last fourteen years. I shouldn’t raise my hopes. They promised a full-time position two years ago when I started working there, after all.

I also joined Crushee a few months ago. It was just last week that I decided to complete my profile and start using it. I’m getting the hang of it. Now if I could only use the social skills I’ve acquired there in the real world, I might just have a chance of, you know, meeting people.

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Every now and then, I feel obligated to mention the person who gets me the most hits on this blog. Linetrap herself, Bailey Jay (a.k.a. Harley Quinn). Since the post mentioning her and Izzy Hilton, perverts looking for her naked pictures have generated my traffic. And for that, I thank you. Am I the only …

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And I’d be lying if I denied Izzy Hilton’s role in inspiring me to alter the story one more time. It happened after a poetry reading, one night, a couple of years ago. El Senor and I started talking about random things as he drove me home. Because I rarely talk about notes on things …

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