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I started doing a little bit of research, digging for a YA magazine looking for fiction. So far I’ve come across nothing that remotely interests me.

I need to pick up a copy of the latest Writer’s Market – either the main one, or the one specifically for short stories and personal essays. I have a few poems I’d like to start shopping around, as well. However, I’ve become more and more insecure about my poetry. I haven’t written a poem in almost two years. That’s a scary thought.

Like most writers, I started off with poetry. I have a huge plastic bin filled with folded, crumpled sheets of paper from poetry a decade ago. They’re not good at all. I wrote most of them in high school. When I started taking the craft seriously, I’ve only written enough to fix in a small box. However short stories and sketches – stories that really don’t go anywhere –  that take up most of the box.

Anyway, I’ve decided this is the year I get over myself. I shall take Jan Seale’s advice and ignore my goal of perfection. If I get rejection letters, I shall continue revising. If they’re accepted, then I’ve achieved my goal. A lot of other writers say that the story isn’t finished until it feels right. I agree with you, but we have to draw a line. I’m constantly second guessing myself, tumbling down a never-ending revision mountain.

I shall suck it up and make an attempt. If I sell one short story, I will accomplish a goal. If I receive twenty rejection slips, then I will work harder on the craft.

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