A Cat Named Lola with a Violent Past

Classical literature & brainless fodder

Jyg, Izzy and I headed out to Georgia’s Thrift Shop in McAllen, Texas to check out if there was anything new in stock in Mike’s book corner. Jyg cut my hunt short to take care of some business. I purchased A Million Little Pieces and The Epic of Gilgamesh, each for its own reason.

Afterward, we headed to The Gallery because I’ve become secretly in love with that atmosphere, even though its patrons can annoy me at times. While there, I checked out some of their books, took down a few ideas to mull over later. I have a creative itch I need to take care of.

We headed to the lingerie store, also a part of the Gallery, to see what they had there. Jewelry and costumes, as usual. Nothing remotely caught my attention.

On the way to the photo shoot – Jyg was to model – at Jodi’s, we stopped at HEB so I could by a notebook and some pens to keep me busy – I’m such the child – while Izzy, Jyg and Jodi do the photo shoot. I wrote a letter to Erika, a friend of mine from Chicago whom I met online several years back. We were pen pals then, and it seemed like a good time to reestablish that relationship. Besides, I love getting stuff in the mail.

I’ve listened to Eels all weekend long – including E’s solo albums. I think it has to do with the fact I finished his memoir, Things the Grandchildren Should Know, a few days ago. It’s an amazing book.

On Friday, I spent most of the day with Binx. Ever since I got this new computer, I’ve been without firewire. This puts a damper on the fact that I have to burn a DVD for my brother. I used Binx’s computer so I can input the video onto the computer, burn it on some DVDs and bring the back here so I can edit and burn them as final copies.

Before all this, he and I went to CompUSA to check out if they have a firewire for a low profile computer – a.k.a. my computer. We saw on online, but that mean ordering it and having it installed. However, like we already expected, we didn’t find one for my computer at the store. We did find nifty toys that might work just the same. I’m just afraid that it won’t work completely. We’ll see.

We set up at his house later on, where I met Billy Bob – his and Erika’s (not the same as the aforementioned) adopted son. He’s a cute orange tabby that I plotted to kidnap. I’m sure Bloo wouldn’t have appreciated that.

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