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“Once Upon a Time in my Life”

After last night’s inability to sleep, I passed out around seven-twenty only to wake up less than two hours later. I got dressed and went to Roadrunner stadium where I applied for an unknown position. Went to HEB and purchased two MexiCokes. One was guzzle down with lunch and the other split with Jyg later in the day.

Jyg and I went to Hobby Lobby where we purchased a doll, spray adhesive, black, purple,red and metallic paints, paintbrushes and a few other necessities. We went to Dollar Tree to pick up some bigger paint brushes, but they were out. We bought a large  bottle of Arizona Sweet Tea, a box of nutty bars and a bag of pork skins. We ate at the park and then went to Barnes to pick up a journal. I decided against purchasing a new one. She bought a copy of Gothic Beauty. At Wal-Mart, we picked up a paint brush, spray paint and some knickknacks. Stupid me forgot to buy a can of black spray paint.

I finished reading Alan Moore’s Writing for Comics today before going shopping. I’m left with the same urge to write a graphic novel that infected me last year. Nora Ephron is partly to blame for that, as well. With all the emotions crawling through me these last few months – years – I think it’s time they see the light of day upon the panels. Just a few more ideas left to work with.

While I’ve decided that I may sit birthday week out, I’m still thinking my birthday is something to celebrate. I’m wanting to hang out with a few friends, maybe see a movie. Anything. I told Jyg about it today. I mentioned hanging out with Esmer and Jerry, but I haven’t talked to either of them about it. I’ll probably contact Jerry later this coming week. We’ll work something out.

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