The Short but Happy Supervisory Life of Me

Storm abrewin'

I have a bad habit of holding grudges. Those who know me well, know this little “quirk” about me. Even after I’ve forgotten why I’m pissed at you, I’ll still hold something against you. Even after the sale by date of a grudge has expired – or should, anyway – I’m still scowling behind your back. It’s a bad habit, like I said. I take no pleasure in it.

The other day, earlier this past week, I was assigned to supervisor a group of workers – the cleaners – because I’ve had experience in the matter. Cool. Whatever. I can do this. But because she didn’t want more work on her back, I did a “favor” for the person who got me the job in the first place. I took the added workers off her back so she can focus on her responsibilities. Either way, I’ve had experience in these sections anyway.

Well, apparently, she decided she didn’t like me around as a superior – a term I use so generously describing those in charge – because a few days after I got the position, she turned my workers against me – even though I had given them every means to work their schedules out with me – and then stole the position away. Now she expects me to do odd jobs, but not get paid for them (as I don’t get paid for working within the stadium while I’m working outside of the stadium).

See, the problem I saw here – well, what I’m beginning to see here – is the fact that I’m getting paid double what she’s getting paid for doing both jobs. Of course, she didn’t want to see me as an equal, so she axed me so I’ll only be getting paid for what I was hired for. Make sense? Didn’t think so.

I got hired this year to manage on section of the stadium, outside of the stadium. I’m not seen or heard from during the game because I’m holed away in my “cage” where only a select few can see me. When I was offered the job to supervise the clean up crew, (and later inherited from here) the ushers and parking, management said I’d be getting paid for that, as well. Not much ($50 a game, but all I did was make sure they’re doing work while I attended to my original job). What that boiled down to was me being paid for doing nothing while I worked in the comfort of a/c.

Of course, this dragon lady (what she was called last year by many adoring fans) decided no one was going to sit around and do nothing (even while I was doing something) and get paid for it. Because if there was going to be one person in the entire ball park that was going to be paid for doing nothing, it would be her. Despite that she said her job is hard. Whatever. I’ve done her job, as well. It isn’t hard.

But it’s okay. I’m done. I’m not going to be doing her anymore favors. I’ll still help out management when I can – paid or not (not meaning jobs that are done within a few minutes) – but my work for her is over. And should she decide to ax me completely, then so be it. In the mean while, every time one of my kids comes up to me for some guidance, I send them her way. Not because I want to be a dick with them and don’t want to be bothered with their problems, but because I want to flood her office with work.

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