Wake up. Sleep. Wake up.


Life Summed Up


I gotta say, I hope my days with [redacted] are numbered. I dropped off a resume a company close to my house Wednesday. My brother works the Weslaco location and he let me know that the Edinburg one was looking for someone. Awesome, I need a job. I got the phone call this morning and did a quick little interview and scheduled a face-to-face Monday morning.

At least I have something to look forward to this weekend. I’m spending most it – I should say all of it – with Meester Binx, working the [redacted] table at various HEBs. Tomorrow we’re working the Weslaco location, Saturday we’ll be over at Mission and Sunday it’s back to San Juan – home of the MVEC cock block. I swear, if I don’t make at least one sign-up this week, I’m going to kill something small. But Monday’s my golden ticket, and hopefully my window to a real job, something I really need right now.

I’ve also been thinking about applying to other places, Barnes and Noble comes to mind. I really like books and I think working in a bookstore would cheer me up a bit. Not to mention, I’ll also know when new books are coming out. There’s also something of a discount, but that’s just a bonus. I’d love the job regardless.

Man, job hunting is less fun than book hunting but at least the outcome of the former doesn’t deplete my bank account like the latter does. After purchasing that new oven, I have a less than stellar balance at the moment. And the more I need to eat, the less I have in the end. I still owe people some money – people whose number I don’t have anymore so if you’re reading this (and I doubt you are) you should really consider calling me (but hopefully after I get a new job that actually pays me).

Yeah, that’s right [redacted] doesn’t pay me like most jobs would. They’re pay plan is solely based on something that’s out of our power. But whatever. I chose it because I thought I could handle it. And I can, for the most part. I just want something that’s a little more reliable and less problematic. A solid job. However, looking forward toward next Summer, I wonder how I’m going to manage the Roadrunners if I’m hired as  Clubhouse Manager again. I liked the job, but the hours won’t fit in with any work schedule. If I get my six minions, then I can manage it. If I don’t, then I haven’t a clue what the hell I’m going to do.

But all this comes back to one essential thing. Sleep. These last few nights I’ve been having a hard time finding that zone where I just slip into my dreams. And because this weekend means another sleepover at Meester Binx’s house, I’m afraid that I’m going to wind up killing someone. Like Meester Binx. I’m too pretty to go to prison. During the summer, all I did was sleep. I even slept at work (which was the only perk of the job, besides meeting a childhood hero – though he did turn out to be a complete and utter asshole). And it’s come to the point that even reading myself to sleep – yes, I know how that sounds – doesn’t work. My eyes are too tired to read, but my mind won’t shut off.

Speaking of reading, I picked up The Sinner by Tess Gerritsen – this is actually the second time I picked it up, but another book got in the way (possibly Hank Moody‘s God Hates Us All). I’m also reading – yes, reading – Bound by Ink, a tattoo magazine. Why a tattoo magazine? I don’t know, I just got the feeling that some of my characters need a little ink because I know I’m not going mark my skin.

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