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Jervis Tetch


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The writing bug bit me early Saturday morning. I just didn’t know what it wanted me to write about. So I spent the early part of the day reading Star Wars: Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber because it mixes two of my favorite things – Star Wars and the undead (I’m a keeper!). Out of nowhere, I got the urge to read Batman, however. Because I only own one book of Batman – The Dark Knight Returns – I decided that I’d see what was available to me online.

The name Jervis Tetch kept coming back to me, over and over again. For those who don’t know much about the Batman universe, Jervis Tetch is better known as his villain moniker, the Mad Hatter. Based on the Lewis Carroll character, the Mad Hatter is one of those lesser focused on characters due to his goofy features. Like most characters in the Batman world, he’s grown darker with the years. Still, few people think awesome when his name comes up on the roster.

I looked up our friend Jervis Tetch on Wiki (both Wikipedia and DC’s Wikia) and jotted a few titles that might be of my interest. Then I went to the web to see what I could find. During which, I also noted to find a copy of Through The Looking Glass as I already have a copy of Alice in Wonderland sitting on my shelf. However, I couldn’t find a copy on Amazon that wasn’t attached to Alice in Wonderland so I decided to download the free Kindle e-book. Now it’s found a home on my Blackberry Curve.

I don’t know what my sudden fascination with Jervis Tetch means, or if it has any relation to my sudden writing urge – can we all say fanfic? – but at least I got myself a few comic books and an e-book off it (all free, I should add). But who really cares? I’m reading and happy again. I think that’s all that matters. And what will come out of my research? Who knows. I’m just going forward to write some of my thoughts down. And if they bloom into anything of interest, then I’ll be content. If not, then it’s not like I’m losing anything. With the exception, maybe, of my mind.

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