Medium Chocolate Milkshake & A Small Fry


I suggest calling 911


I don’t get it. How can a post about my job orientation and my deceased cat come up during a search for heart attack first aid? Sometimes spam doesn’t make sense to me. Then again, not a lot of things really make sense to me. For instance, why would my former supervisor friend request me on Facebook on the same day I decide to quit? Or why is Green Mountain Energy bugging me, asking to know my reasons for quitting? Isn’t quitting enough for them? How many reasons do people quit jobs for? I can only sum it up in one – being unhappy. No matter what you think your reason for leaving a job, it always sums up to unhappiness. Be it with the job itself or the pay, the reason we leave our jobs is because we’re unhappy. Get that, Green Mountain? I quit because I was unhappy. But if you must know, here is a short list.

I also don’t understand why it was necessary to shove Han Solo into Death Troopers. I understand he’s a major character in the Star Wars universe, but his presence wasn’t necessary in the novel – despite it only taking place a year before A New Hope. Han Solo duking out space zombies isn’t exactly what I expected to read. Luckily, the book isn’t boring and is fast paced. I’m only a hundred or so pages before I complete it. Then, I guess, I’ll either twiddle my thumbs until Joe Schreiber releases Star Wars: Red Harvest or move on to reading Moxyland by Lauren Beukes. Or I’ll jump over to Tess Gerritsen’s Body Double, depending on my mood, really. With my luck, I’ll probably read Alice in Wonderland.

I also thought of heading off to the bookstores to check out if any Batman novels were available. Not a film novelization or graphic novels, just simple, regular prose novels. I don’t know, really. Just a passing thought. Anyway, I’m off to finished reading Death Troopers.

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