This alone made me want to buy the book


I finished reading Star Wars: Death Troopers. I know, finally, right? I moved on to read Body Double by Tess Gerristen, being the fourth book in the Rizzoli & Isles series (third, actually, as Maura Isles didn’t show up until The Apprentice). I decided against giving Moxyland a go because after reading Star Wars, I needed something other than a bleak future – a bleak present day works better for me, anyway.

Because I needed cat food, I walked to the Family Dollar today – reusable bag in hand. I don’t know about your local chains, but the one by my house is doing away with plastic bags soon. En route, I remembered how much I like walking to places. Walking, in general. It lifted my spirits. Nothing was going to ruin my day. I even spoke to the check out girl while she scanned the items – I also bought food for me. She was searching for my bag’s tag when I told her I brought it from home.

“You’re one of the few who actually bring them,” she said.

“I actually forgot it the last time I came in,” I said.

“Well, soon everyone’s gonna have to remember.”

“Yeah. Otherwise they’re gonna have to pay fifty cents extra every time they come in.”

Walking home, I caught myself smiling – something I rarely do these days, especially on my own. I started thinking about the job I haven’t heard from. Even if I don’t get it, I’m not gonna let it get me down. No matter how much it crushes my spirits, I won’t allow it. Because I don’t get many of these days. I deserve to keep it safe. I’ll look around for more work. I’ll do my best to look forward. I want this feeling to stay.