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Maybe Suicide


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We’re crossing the Rubicon. Let hope be our guidance in this new world. We’re facing our demons blindfolded. Let god here our crisis. I loved you for ten  years, hated you for nine. Your words but an echo, a distant fading memory. I’ve dwelled here for too long, harbored these feelings without reason. If love and hate aren’t blind, dazzling with their brilliance, let them ignite the world asunder.

We’re crossing the Rubicon. Hide yourself if you will. The army’s marching toward the dawn. Finding it hard to understand these riddles, feeling caught up in the storm, watching the waves wash over us, destroying all in the wake. For some time, I thought we were returning to our origins. We’re fighting ourselves, tooth and nail. Denying all that we will. Figuring out what we might do without each other; you’re swept out to sea. I cannot reach you and you stopped reaching for me so long ago.

We’re crossing the Rubicon. And I shall fear no evil as I step from this life into the next. Armor cannot protect us from the ugly, still I’ll stand between the both of you. We’re crossing the Rubicon and I feel the shadows closing in. When I’m with you, there is hope; there is safety. Let the tides reside and welcome us home.

I’m crossing the Rubicon. Shed this mortal coil from my skin. Let the water rush over me, carrying me out to sea.

And let your heart welcome me home.

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