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“God, You’re So Empty”


How I imagined you carrying a flower pressed between your teeth.


I’ve given the characters Mackie and Anderson – plus the many side characters that I’ve created since – a world of their own, in which they can frolic and play. I’ve even created the femme fetale that I kept brooding in the background.

Both Mackie and Anderson are male prostitutes, who exploit their barely legal looks, enticing men to live our their deviant dreams. However their relationship is being to feel rather Dorian Gray. That’s where the femme fatale character – a redhead (go figure!) who threatens the foundation of Mackie and Anderson’s relationship.

I’ve toyed with the idea of writing something slightly erotic – even though I always feel that sex isn’t my strongest topic. And every note taking and rough drafting project deserves a working title and playlist. The working title – jokingly as yesterday was my birthday – is “The Birthday Boy.” The playlist is as follows:

  1. Treat Me Like Your Mother –  The Dead Weather
  2. It’s Not What – Skold vs. KMFDM
  3. Girl on the Floor – Ayria
  4. I See Red – Uh Huh Her
  5. This Empty Love – Innerpartysystem
  6. Electrovamp – Etylen
  7. Out of Control – She Wants Revenge
  8. Fanatica – Eisbrecher
  9. Flirt (With Me) – Zeromancer
  10. Serila Thrilla – The Prodigy
  11. Video Kid – Birthday Massacre
  12. Kill Her Off – The Ropes
  13. Stripped – Rammstein
  14. Automatic Lover – Teddybears
  15. Heaven Tonight – HIM
  16. Waking Up Beside You – Stabbing Westward

I’m aiming for a longer project that ZITO. And, of course, less horror and more sex. We’ll see where I go with this idea.

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