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I started some hoopla on my Tumblr when I stated that writers are readers. And the argument blew out of proportion, but I never take these things seriously. In fact, half the times I argue with people online, I do it in stride because people who argue on the internet are, well, idiots. On my side, it’s all in jest and the more they get angrier, the louder I laugh.

However, I stand by my claim that writers are readers because it’s not only what I’ve been taught, but it’s only clear as day. That’s not to say people who don’t read aren’t writers, the world does need their Stephenie Meyers,* right? But a good (or as I like to say, real) writer, must learn the craft from somewhere. Because writers learn from example, which means writers learn from other writers and, therefore, writers are readers. A writer who doesn’t enjoy reading is simply kidding himself – or pulling the wool over our eyes.

I would like to go on to write a list of things – philosophies seems too big of a word – on how to manage to become a decent writer. But that’s for next time, mostly because I haven’t written the list out and I’d rather not wing it like I’m doing with this post. I will also dig through my notes – yes, I still have my college notes – to aid me to better design a short list of tips. If there’s time, I will e-mail/contact on social networks old mentors – creative writing professors and fellow writers – for their advice on the list. In the end, however, the ones that make it on the list are the ones that I agree most with.

*In no way can I legally or factually claim that Stephenie Meyer never picked up a book in her life. I made this comment in jest and I expect you to take it as such. Why I even have to add this disclaimer, I don’t know. I just fear that a gaggle of twelve-year-olds will swarm my blog with angry comments about the only book series they’ve managed to read. With that in mind, I will only expect comments from angry twelve-year-olds. If you’re an angry adult leaving me nasty remarks, I will have assume there is something socially and mentally wrong with you for reading novels for twelve-year-olds and enjoying them.

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