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Dear Friend,

How many times have I stepped up to this mic and spat words without giving you a single mention or thanks? How many times have I realized that without you, there would be no way I’d be standing here, reading these words that mean something to me. Before you, I was a nobody and now I’m some staple in this community. People know my name and my sense of vulgarity which you’ve made apologies for. If not for you pushing me on the stage that night, I would’ve lost my nerve – would never have the urge – and put away my note pad. Because of you I’ve met so many characters, each one more important than the last. But this is your dream we’re living. This is your actions put into motion and never have we once given you a single ounce of thanks.

So maybe someone else could’ve done the things you did. Someone would have put the mic on my hand and set a blaze to this powder keg. And maybe someone would have introduced me to all these people I think of as more than friends. These people are closer than the family I’ve always run away from. And maybe you think your importance in this whole charade is slightly exaggerated. But fuck the what ifs. I’m talking about the what nows. And you’re the one who pushed me. You’re the one who gave me that strength, the nerve and confidence to get on the stage to read words no one would have otherwise heard. And now it’s seems credit needs to given where it is due. How many people wouldn’t be here if not for you?

May some higher power grant me the power to read this letter to you one day. May some higher power grant me the strength and the courage to remember you the next time I’m on stage, pressing my words up against the mic. And it’s not like I can feel the pain you’ve been through. I’ve never had to sit back and watch my dreams orchestrated by another man. I’ve never had to sit back and watch a plagiarist take credit for the words and rhymes that spilled from my hand. And maybe it’s just the same. People take dreams and call them their own. How many more people will thank the wrong guy? But fuck them, my loyalty is with the man who deserves it most. So when you’re ready to come out of your shell, know that I’m willing to introduce you to the crowd. Know that I’m willing to cheer you on. Know that I’m willing to return all that you’ve given me.


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