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The Messiah Cometh

Sk0ld released the single “Suck” on 12 April 2011. I’ve listened to it since yesterday, feeling the intoxicating sensation that comes with good music. And it isn’t just Sköld’s new stuff, I’m listening to. I’m also listening to his older stuff, the Dead God EP, stuff from Shotgun Messiah, KMFDM, MDFMK, Marilyn Manson – the Tim Sköld years – and Skold vs. KMFDM. Coupled with my new friend on Twitter – @mr_sean_maguire – it’s turning into an endless industrial party that’ll last me into the weekend, possibly beyond.

There’s just something hypnotic about Tim Sköld‘s voice, his lyrics. It puts me in the mood of writing dark, decadent things – as oppose to the light, cheery things I write about. But I can’t focus on that. Not only am I working on a new draft of “Zombies in the Outfield” – which is the working title, but not the actual title – but I’m working on revisions of “Note to my 12-year-old Self” and “Teenage Love Story,” which started out as a fun story about two misanthropic people – a story I promised a friend on Tumblr – but turned into a story about two damaged people incapable of feeling anything.

Your opinion is irrelevant.

While I’m on the subject of Tumblr friends, apparently my egomania cause someone to unfollow me. It’s been in the making for a while – possibly a long while now. What I saw as misanthropic and different was actually a ploy. Apparently, being a poseur is still a hit these days and I’m feeling a fool for falling for the ploy. The unfollowing took place, it seems, after I called her out on the blatant hypocrisy – apparently she’s allowed to express her opinions on everyone, but her followers – the so-called friends – weren’t to express theirs. It doesn’t matter. I wasn’t attached to her and her place in my online life has already been filled with a capable person. 

The problem wasn’t that she was being a bitch – opinionated ladies are my favorite people – it was that, after a while, it seemed the only reason she was being so negative about everything wasn’t because she was expressing her opinions, but because she wanted to garner some attention from others – to become, if you will, semi-Tumblr famous. Anyone using a social network site for a popularity contest is obviously not a person I want belonging to my online circle. This is the last I’ll talk about the subject because I honestly don’t care. It’s just my life is pretty much pathetic, so this was possibly the most interesting thing that’s happened to me this week – I know, it’s sad, ain’t it?  

I’m content with my new Tumblr homies, consisting of Luna, Jason Walsh, Silvi, Ana, Sam, Amanda and Michael (who isn’t really a homie because I rarely speak to him, but I wanted to somehow sneak in the fact that I purchased his collection  of short stories, Early Onset of Night, on Smashwords the other day).

I think that’s it. Take care.

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