Doubt 2 by Yoshiki Tonogai

There’s no doubt that I found the conclusion of Yoshiki Tonogai’s second omnibus as a little unsurprising. I mentioned the parallels to a certain Hollywood gore-porn franchise that peaked somewhere during the third flick. Nevertheless, the journey through the last chapters keep the reader gripping the covers. And it’s not just that, the open-ended finale leaves the reader thirsty for more—thankfully the first book of Doubt’s sequel hit shelves this months.

About the book (from back cover):

Doubt Vol. 2Within an abandoned old building, the popular mobile-phone game Rabbit Doubt—in which players must try to discover the wolf in rabbit’s clothing or pay the bloody price—has become a grotesque reality for a group of online friends. As the bodies pile up, the survivors begin to question one another, and the seeds of suspicion take root. Who to trust? Who to doubt? With the wolf on the prowl, culling the herd, will any of the unfortunate souls caught up in this twisted game of murder be there to bear witness when the mastermind is finally unmasked?

Doubt book 2
by Yoshiki Tonogai
Publisher: Yen Press
Publishing date: 23 July 2013
ISBN: 978-0316245319
Manga, $18.99
Product Dimensions: 8.2 x 5.7 x 1.5 inches

Doubt book 2 is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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