I look into your eyes, and see a peace I shall never know. The journey I took led me to your path. It’s a matter of choice whether I reach out and you take my hand. My clothes are weathered, but my heart isn’t calloused over. There’s just so much at stake.

This is not about love, because I don’t love you. And this isn’t about lust, because I do not look upon you with such an animal desire. It’s about my sanity, and how your smile and your words pull from to the surface after I’ve let myself drown.

One day, I may know the fields of your dreams, of your peace. Perhaps one day, I should know the touch of your skin and the taste of your tears. And one day, I shall know whisper of your secrets and the echo of your bliss. Until that day, I continue on. Seeking what I may never find.


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