Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

Outside of his Sandman comic books, I’ve never picked up anything by Neil Gaiman—I know: BAD BOOK HUNTER! BAD! However, the other day the Junior Library Guild sent us a shipment that contained a copy of Fortunately, The Milk, and admit laughter ensued.

fortunately the milk by neil gaimanAfter discovering that his kids don’t have any milk for their breakfast cereal—more importantly, any milk for his tea—one father takes a trip to the local corner store only to find himself on adventure of epic lengths.

A natural wordsmith, Neil Gaiman carved out a book that both parent and child will enjoy reading—preferably together as sneaking off with your kid’s books is frowned upon for some reason. Accompanied by the art work of Skottie Young, the story springs from the pages and takes you on a whirlwind of an adventure that’ll have you all in stitches.

You can buy Fortunately, The Milk at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It’ll make the best last minute Christmas gift!!!

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