Book Ennui

Maybe I’m the only one. Maybe all readers get it. That sudden wave of book ennui. Like a virus taking out the part of you that enjoys reading. It seemed that every book that came my way fell short of any expectations. And not just prose. Poetry, comic books, magazine articles, blog posts—everything!—I pushed them all aside. A mind at rest is will remain at rest. Because of this book ennui, my writing slumped. This blog suffered. Nothing got done.

Things seemed bleak. That is until Angela read two book reviews posted on AV Club website. The-Storied-Life-of-A.J-horz

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin and Worst. Person. Ever. by Douglas Coupland caught my attention before I even picked up either book. That Friday I skipped (whether I skipped depends if you were there that night) through Barnes & Noble in search for either book. Although, by the time I arrived at the store, the titles slipped my mind. As was the fact there were two books on the my to buy list. The only thing that remained was the knowledge that somewhere out there was a book about a grade-A jerk. I did a quick glance at the website and picked up the Gabrielle Zevin novel. I didn’t even read the review to see if I chose the right one.

I won’t get into typing up my review for the book—it deserves its own post. I do assure you that the gears are turning and the book ennui is a thing of the past.

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