Micro Updates

I’m just not feeling it lately. Writing. Reading. Watching movies. It’s November Brovember and I still haven’t watched that many bromantic flicks. Reading is becoming a chore. Writing is riddled with road blocks. I sit in my room just contemplating the next step and I’m drawing blanks.

And it’s not depression because the last few weeks have been the happiest in a long time. Shaun and I are getting more and more exercise during his micro and spontaneous dance parties. I’m comfortable in my skin. And I’ve met someone I adore to pieces. I’ll write more about her later.

I’m conflicted about where to take this new blog of mine (TBA) and if I’ll have any help in its formation. Hopefully, my sister from another mother (and father because what does that phrase even mean?) and I can start figuring shit out. She needs to accept my request, too.

I’m working on a new story for this NaNoWriMo bullshit. However, long fiction was never my specialty. I’m also planning to buy another URL for another endeavor that I would like to merge my day job into.

There isn’t much to talk about now. I have one piece in the works about the UT-RGV racist mascot.

That’s all for now. I’ll try to finish something for later.

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