Stream of Consciousness

“When the sun sets we’re both the same…”

It’s static against the ear. The buzzing of a refrigerator. The humming silence in the dead of night when the insomniac’s eyes shoot open. Taking in the void for the first time. Are you comatose, taking the prescription medication and over-the-counter countenance? Are you spoon-fed morality of the arcane? Trigger-happy cerebellum ringing out, finding it difficult to breeze in the ozone of smoldering bodies lain in the pit by an OCD addled mind. We fight terrorists by terrorizing with expectations that less hatred will be birthed as a consequence. When does the body shut down the cerebral cortex? When does the logic of burning cities to stop the spread a man-made inferno? We speak of religions as a reason to kill. We speak of a gods and monsters when humans are capable to kill without reason. We speak wordlessly. We speak without a sound. A muted television set set to snow. When do we acknowledge the cries of scared children, screaming out for their mothers as the buildings around them burn and crumble to dust? When do we say, “Enough is enough, I will not brave one more day of allowing hate the reign as the word of a useless god?” When do we accept that by denying refuge to others in need makes less than a great country? When do we start to rationalize that we don’t need terrorists when we’re content enough to kill ourselves? When do we say, “Maybe we should take a clue from our bigotry? If we’re willing to ban Islam from our soil due to a few terrorist attacks, then maybe we should start a serious discussion about the lives lost by the hand of a lone wolf gun man.”

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