Pay No Attention

Are you the villain in your own story? How would you even know? Could you ever know?

It’s said that villains are the heroes in their own story. That the heroes of a war is decided who authors the history book. There’s a time when you just gotta ask yourself, “Am I a good person? Or have I just done good?”

Recurring dream: a sentinel standing on the sullen shores, a moonlit black sky with a storm brewing in the horizon. She sits on the sand, seashell pressed against her ear. Her feet digging graves in the wet sand as she holds out the conch and whispers, “Take it. It’s for you.”

Have you ever heard of exploding head syndrome?”

Yeah. Why?”

Sometimes, in the dead of night, I hear this loud bang. Like a slingshot held to my head. The sound of rubber or elastic stretched beyond its limit. The snap. A bang. And a scream.”

Who’s screaming?”

I am.”

Seven sons entered a saloon. How does that story go? The seven sons enter a saloon and each order a drink, except the younger one who starts a game of faro and is shot in front of his six brothers. He’s accused of cheating. Or was it the oldest brother who took the bullet in the face?

When your thoughts dominate your day, it’s best to keep a journal to clear out the clutter.

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