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Blue is the name of my cat, not his color

Man, oh man it’s been too long since I sat here on Daddy’s laptop and typed out one of these posts. So long it’s a different laptop since my last post. The last time I did one of these, I was an almost-three-year-old. Now I’m five years old. And guess what! I survived my first year of pre-k (that’s short for prekindergarten for those who don’t speak in abbreviations). It was rough at first, but I got used to it. Sort of. Don’t ask!

Dad loves making faces

I’m in the midst of my first summer vacation. There’s always been a summer, of course. I mean this is the first year where it actually matters to me because I spent a good chunk of last year and this year in school and now I can just relax at home and not worry about things like numbers and alphabet and computer mouses (computer mice?). Oh! And the bestest thing happened to me today! I met Blue.

No, not the color sillies. My cat. My kitten, I should say. He’s soooooo cute! He’s so tiny and his face is so adorable. Imagine the cutest thing out there in the world. The cutest thing you know. Now add like a hundred to that! He’s much more cuter than even that. Dad warned me that he’s still a baby and he’s getting used to living with us so I shouldn’t try to rush him into being my bestest best friend ever, but it’s sooooo hard not to! He likes to sleep a lot, though. And he’ll sleep anywhere. And I mean anywhere. Yesterday, Daddy sent me a picture of him sleeping on my books! (Well, Dad has his books there, too, but that doesn’t matter, right?)

There’s video of me playing with Blue, but no pictures on Daddy’s phone. He’s on the old one again, because his newest one died on him. He isn’t sure why it died, but he says that Sam’s Son has a log of explaining to do. Which is weird, because I thought Sam only had a daughter. But he promised the moment his eight plus is replaced, he’ll be snapping pictures of me and my cute little kitten whenever we hang out.

Ok. I’m going now. But I’ll try to type more later. I just wanted to tell you all that I’m still growing AND that I have a precious kitty now. Bye bye.

Book lovers never go to sleep alone 🙂

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