Sound Boarding

Ever feel stuck? Like you’re filled with so much motivation to create something that your brain is bursting at the seems? That your physical body goes through the motions because your mind is sussing things out. Building worlds. Building ideas. Handcrafting lyrics and paragraphs like verses. Testing out waters with other friends to see what they think. Wondering if you have it in you to go through with a plan for a change. Feeling that if your promotion doesn’t go through, then maybe it’s time to build a side hustle that could, one day, be a full time job.

That’s where I am at the moment. I’m revisiting writing. I picked up Chuck Wendig’s Damn Fine Story yesterday at Barnes and Noble in hopes to get the old motor running again. I dedicated the year on reading poetry again (not exclusively, but I have been paying more attention to the genre); I finished Sabrina Benaim’s Depression & Other Magic Tricks today. The book’s an inspiration. (More on that later.)

Aside from writing, there’s, well, more writing. I’m working on an idea inspired by those Eat This, Not That book series. Except, rather saving you calories, I’m aiming something more popular culture. Unsure how that come to fruition right now, but I’m still mapping that out.  Then there’s the sudden urge to record my voice and blast that off into the world (no idea why I want that).

I don’t know. I just feel stuck. And it’s not a fun feeling.

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