Poetry Break

Poetry Break

I have a complicated relationship with “Peach Scone” by Hobo Johnson & the LoveMakers. I related too much with the poem, which is why I love it. But I also hate why I relate to it.

A friend of mine – the very same friend from yesterday’s post – introduced me to the poem – is it considered a poem? Much like Johnson, I don’t care about rules, so it’s a poem. She sent it to me wishing – you guessed it – that she wished she could find someone who loved her like the narrator. Except, it’s not love. Even Hobo Johnson recognizes it in his chorus: “And I love the thought of being with you/Or maybe it’s the thought of not being so alone.”

This is, of course, is a topic for another day. Maybe one I’ll be comfortable to share. We’ll see.

Whatever your relationship with this poem is, please enjoy.

Check out another version of “Peach Scone.” Or check out his albums The Rise of Hobo Johnson and The Fall of Hobo Johnson. Both albums are available to stream on Amazon Music Unlimited.

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