Poetry Break

Poetry Break

I’ve divorced myself – for the most part – from Facebook, but I am a Twitter junkie. And while Prince Ea’s poem is a tad outdated when he calls out the news being only 140 characters, there’s little to argue that the way we socialize has changed significantly. The way we receive the news. Our hangouts. Game nights reduced to face times online.

Of course, doing the era of Covid-19, we don’t have the luxury of seeing our loved ones face to face. We go watch a movie on Saturday night. Eat dinner at a nice restaurant. We can’t have the gang over to watch the game or celebrate a birthday. So I’m calling you out, Prince Ea, that no – social networks aren’t anti-social networks. At least not in our current circumstance.

Whatever your thoughts are on the subject, please enjoy today’s poem.

We sit at home on our computers measuring self-worth by numbers of followers and likes
Ignoring those who actually love us
It seems we’d rather write
An angry post than talk to someone who might actually hug us
Am I bugging? You tell me
Cause I asked a friend the other day, “Let’s meet up face to face.”
And said, “Alright. What time you wanna Skype?”
I responded with omg, srs, and then a bunch of smh’s
And realized what about me?
Do I not have the patience to have conversation without abbreviation?

From “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?”

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