Poetry Break

Poetry Break

I don’t remember when I first followed Grace Carras (@bardic_ghost) on TikTok, but I’m glad I did. Not because of the magnificent cosplay, or the funny pick up lines thrown at her significant other. Because if I hadn’t, I never would have known of the way she uses words. The craftsmanship of her poetry.

I’ve only been given a glimpsed of her work and I’m in complete awe with the few videos she has on her YouTube page. And, of course, my favorite being “For the Quiet Kids Who’ve Been Told ‘Speak Up.'” And I wouldn’t have known about her upcoming chapbook entitled Quiet Kid, which you can pre-order now through Finishing Line Press.

So as we wind down with National Poetry Month, please enjoy this beautiful, powerful poem.

I’m uncertain if this poem will be featured in the chapbook. I guess I’ll find out with you come August 7, 2020.

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