Dear Friend,

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

I’m not sure if this will letter will reach you, but I hope it finds you in better spirits than my assumptions do. Understand that I’m not a stranger to wanting to vanish. I know the path to isolation well enough that walking there is second nature, if not my first. Like all creatures of this world, we hide when injury falls upon us. And what greater injury than that of bruised pride?

So take solace in isolation. Find the peace of mind that you need. Enjoy your stay in the depths of darkness, but do not let it eat you. Do not let it conquer your body, mind, and spirit. I will not lecture on how to handle your grief. Will not give you the advice on how to return to us. Though, I will ask you – in the spirit of Dylan Thomas – to not go gently into that good night. To rage, rage against the darkness that threatens to consume you.

And know this – that when you are ready to resurface, we’ll be there waiting, arms open to embrace and welcome you back.

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