The Guardian

Book Details:

  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Title: The Guardian
  • Author: Alice Raine
  • Narrator: Stephanie Cannon, Mark Meadows, and John Guerrasio
  • Publisher: Audible Originals
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Release Date: 4 August 2017
  • Length: 1hr and 17mins
  • Rating: 2-stars

Product Description:

Eighteen year-old Jessica’s life is turned upside down the day the police knock on her door to deliver the news that her parents have been in a fatal accident. Her late father’s gambling and reckless lifestyle leave her finances in turmoil and threaten to leave her homeless…until a chance meeting with a 30-year-old stranger means that her life changes forever.

Finding herself an unofficial ward of a mysterious, serious man, our American heroine and her enigmatic British ‘Guardian’ get used to living with each other…with all of the tensions, pitfalls and excitement that entails….


Normally, I prefer full cast audiobooks over single narrator ones. It makes the story move quicker and you’re not bored of hearing the same reader try to remember the nuances of every character. And let’s not forget the airy voice every male narrator makes for female characters. This is usually why I stick to shorter fiction stories when it comes to audiobooks, or – as is most cases – stick with nonfiction works.

Ignoring the obvious cringe worthy plot, the story tries and fails at its attempt of being erotic or romantic in any sense. The narrative reads like a poorly written letter to Penthouse with a juvenile fanfic-style dialogue splashed for additional “spice.” The breathy pseudo-kissing sound effects that pepper the story had me hold back laughter as I did my work. Some serious questions should have arise when the actors read the script and that kissing should have been on top of that list.


While I’m a firm believer that erotic stories should be fun, they shouldn’t leave me laughing at it’s ridiculousness. However, I love poorly written smut of just this reason. With my Audible and Kindle Unlimited subscriptions, I plan on listening to and reading every title made available to me in this category – all categories, actually.

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