Chapin City Blues

Writing is writing whether done for duty, profit, or fun.

I’ve read anything by Richard Wilbur until I forced myself out of my poetic comfort zone. However, once I read his works, I noticed his ability to paint a portrait with just his words. And this is something that I grew fond of with poetry. Before I picked a pen and wrote my first poem, the ones I read were filled with so much imagery. And I wanted nothing more than to be able to create these spaces, these worlds, with my words. Something I still struggle with to this day.

So I continued to browse his works – the ones available online that is. And it was this poem stuck out, because it reminded me of a different poem, one that took inspiration from Richard Wilbur’s “Love Calls Us to the Things of This World.” We’ll see that particular poem tomorrow. But for now, please enjoy the seventh poem I have chosen to celebrate National Poetry Month.

More Richard Wilbur

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