Poetry Break

National Poetry Month 2023

We’re doing something a little different for National Poetry Month. I noticed a lot of my pervious poetry posts become outdated when a YouTube video either gets removed or goes private. This year, I decided to make use of my Canva subscription to create pretty pictures with the poems embedded in them. This will also make it easier to share on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Mastodon, etc.

  1. “For the White Person Who Wants to Know How to be My Friend” by Pat Parker
  2. “Wellness Check” by Andrea Gibson
  3. “Why Bother?” by Sean Thomas Dougherty
  4. “After the Meal” by Bert Meyers
  5. “DM Pretty” by Tank and the Bangas
  6. “The Type” by Sarah Kay
  7. “Gentrification” by Junious “Jay” Ward
  8. “Anxiety: A Ghost Story” by Brenna Twohy
  9. “MAGA Hat in the Chemo Room” by Andrea Gibson
  10. “Self-Preservation” by Chiagoziem Jideofor
  11. “Baby’s First Intersex Birthday” by Matt Mitchell
  12. “Lunch” by Sienna Meadow Burnett
  13. “Affirmation #______” by Ebony Stewart
  14. “Alzheimer’s” by William J. Harris
  15. “Breaking the Link” by Doc Luben
  16. “Turning Forty” by Jonathan Galassi
  17. “A message to you all” by Cassie Workman (TikTok: @ghostcassie)
  18. “Coupons” by José Antonio Rodríguez
  19. “Anxiety” by A. R. Ammons
  20. “If William Carlos Williams Could Even” by César Leonardo de León
  21. “Exit Routes” by Emmy Perez
  22. “Mirrors at 4 a.m.” by Charles Simic
  23. “Prey and Predator” by Jan Seale
  24. “Hermano,” by ire’ne lara silva
  25. “Mi Revolución” by René Saldaña, Jr.
  26. “Hazy Lazy Crazy” by by Veronica Sandoval (a.k.a. Lady Mariposa)
  27. “Back to School Shopping” by Kate Baer
  28. “anti poetica” by Danez Smith
  29. “The Dog You Feed” by Emma Bolden
  30. “Whatever Happened to the Coffee Love Guy?” by Guillermo Corona

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