Poetry Break

from “Breaking the Link”

by Doc Luben

from SlamFind
Hidden in the code is the novel that I lied to my girlfriend about writing while in real life I sat in my office Jack Torrence-ing the phrase “This will be over soon this will be over soon” in notebook after notebook after notebook fossilized deep behind a blessedly broken in link is the memory of my father helping the nurses hold me down while they tried to unprogrammed the handfuls of pills I had installed. I am a member of the world’s most secret modding community the ones whose brains were released to market before they were finished who spend our days trying to recover the broken link the scene where we actually leave the house in the morning.
Side note: It’s obvious I know jack shit about coding. I tried to look up examples of C++ or CSS and are these two things not the same thing? So I racked my 40-year-old brain trying to remember the very little HTML coding skills I learned during my days on LiveJournal and MySpace and that is what I came up with. I hated it, but I wanted to stay in theme. So forgive me. Don’t mock my lack of coding skills. And yes, I noticed the task bar is askew. I wish I could say this was on purpose, but I guess I must have shifted it accidentally.

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