Chapin City Blues

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Binx just realized his fate

So I finally got the hang of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. Sort of, anyway. I learned how to clip video files and how to dissolve. That’s pretty much all I need to know to make an amateur wedding video, music video and whatnot. I didn’t understand how to make credits, so I reverted back to Microsoft software for that one. I’ll learn, but I’m just too lazy and press for time now. I still have to edit my niece’s video. Big brother, however, still hasn’t delivered the photos and video of long ago to edit into the mix. Doesn’t matter, because I don’t have the toys that I need to make a kick ass project. Hopefully, by then, I’ll have the skills to play with Premiere Pro.

For the music video, I decided to edit together the raw footage of the wedding to the music of The Smashing Pumpkins. “Thirty-Three” is the track I chose for reasons I cannot begin to explain. I could try to upload the video and embed it here, but I said that last time and I didn’t follow through.

I’m going to move on to edit more clips of the raw footage; clips that include toasts, words of wisdom, blessing and congratulatory stuff. Mesh that together slap in the actual wedding part and then burn it on a DVD. Who knew that less than 30 minutes of footage could take hours to rifle through.

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