Side Project

Altered my Dream Journal

I started on my dream journal yesterday. Didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. Hopefully, when I get a bigger journal, I can make something a little better. This is what I have to work with now.

Because my dream journal’s small, I decided to make a design of my own and not glue on decorations. I started with just the black journal, etched out a pentagram with a metallic marker and then went over that with the glue gun. I let that dry. Then, I went for the black paint and went over the entire journal. Let that dry. With a metallic silver paint I went over the glue-pentagram. Because I wanted more color than just black and silver, I thought painting the inside of the pentagram burgundy was a great idea. I’m beginning to regret it. I’ll probably go over it with black paint, and just stick to a burgundy outline of the pentagram.

Jyg’s working on her doll and in a few, I’ll be going outside with some bottles to spray paint. I’ll have to figure out how to design them later.

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