Blood on the stands

I’m afraid that Valley EMS has my life in their hands. Yesterday marked the first foul ball injury of the season. A random unlucky guy was popped in the face causing him to lose a lot of blood. Me and a few clean up crew and security guards – who work for the stadium, and not actual security guards – took off to see what the commotion was. That’s when I saw the man with his shirt off and bunch in front of his face. Fans rushed the scene. Annoyed, I did my best to ward some of them off while Gilroy went to find the paramedics.

When the actual security guards came in, their voice was meek asking politely that people make room for the medics that took their sweet time getting there. It was all too similar to last season when a ball knocked an umpire out and these guys were nowhere to be found – one fan later found them in their room, with the lights off, asleep.

Later, the clean up crew asked how they go about cleaning up the mess. I told them to mop it up and then to wipe down the bleachers. I went to get them gloves but found that they weren’t in the storage. Angry, I asked the kid with me where they went – hoping that he’d know. He did. Apparently, Estela took it into her own right to steal the clean up crews gloves, a.k.a. my gloves. Annoyed, I looked for the guy who delivered them to her and asked that the get them back so I can leave them in the storage. If she wanted gloves, then she can use her budget in concessions to buy her own, not steal mine.

I got them back, of course, with a few missing. I don’t care if she takes a few, just not the whole goddamn box. The blood was eventually cleaned. The hatchet, not so much.

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