Maybe if I offered cannabis


via: Jauwtheliar


“If you don’t mind me asking, who’s your current electric provider?” I’m not cut out for [redacted] but I don’t like quitting so soon (for those who know me, you probably think I’m lying and you’d be right, but shut up).

Friday had Binx and me over at Weslaco. We both got two each, but Saturday brought me the gift of a call back. Three in one weekend isn’t impressive. Here’s hoping they pass. I stayed over at Casa de Binx Friday night because we were scheduled together. Supervisor calls and asks if we can stay longer than scheduled and work an event that started at 10am. We stayed there until five with nothing to show for it. Depressing, needless to say. Two of the top sellers didn’t leave with anything, either. The event was dead.

Today was bad. I’m thinking San Juan is a lost cause. I made even less than Saturday. Here’s hoping to a better Tuesday. Maybe come up with some better ideas to switch/sign-up people.

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